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This Week June 5, 2015
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By Valorie Rice
EBR Senior Business Information Specialist

Arizona initial unemployment claims continued to move higher the final week of March, moving up to 5,081 from 4,645 the week before. The four-week average was also higher at 4,718 compared to 4,552 previously. While Arizona claims are rising, the national figures fell to the lowest level in seven years. They were a seasonally-adjusted 300,000 last week. The four-week average was at also lower at 316,250.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released March Producer Price Index April 11th. Final demand prices rose 0.5 percent for the month, with final demand services going up 0.7 percent and goods remaining flat. The change from a year ago on an unadjusted basis was 1.4 percent, the highest 12-month change since August.

Hands and calculator photo courtesy Shutterstock.