Economic Outlook Forecast Luncheon Presentation

After a Stumble, Stronger Gains

After an awful start to the year, the U.S. economy is back on track and growing again. However, the economy remains well below potential, which leaves a large segment of the population without adequate employment opportunities. This is putting downward pressure on wage and income growth. In contrast, the stock market posted strong results in 2013 and is still rising.

Tucson continues to grow, with rising jobs, income, and population. But that growth has been disappointing. What is in store for 2015 and 2016? Will the housing sector finally find its groove and drive faster growth? Will the stock market register more gains? When will the Federal Reserve push interest rates up and what impact will that have on your portfolio and on overall economic growth? When will Tucson’s growth accelerate?

Browse the PowerPoint presentation from this important event…

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